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Our group members are highly motivated to drive science forward by working on cutting edge problems at the interface of materials science, condensed matter physics, optics, and computational physics.

Prof. Lilia M. Woods, PI

Dr. Woods is a Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of South Florida. She works in theory and simulations in the broad area of condensed matter physics.

Selected Awards and Recognition:

- Distinguished Faculty Speaker, 2023/2024

- Humboldt Research Award, 2022

- Outstanding Faculty Award, 2020

- AAAS Fellow, elected 2019

- APS Fellow, elected 2017

- Jewell Excellence Award, 2016

- Member of the National Academy of Inventors, since 2015

Dr. Ranjan Kumar Barik, Postdoc

Ranjan has joined our group in February 2022, as a Post-doctoral research fellow. He obtained his Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. In his PhD, he had studied the electronics properties of topological and Rashba materials in terms of symmetry analysis using the density functional theory in combination with the high-throughput (HT) and machine learning based approaches. He is primarily interested in the exploration of new topological materials, the modern theory of polarization and Berry phase, Wannier function calculations,  and machine learning methods.

Dr. Dai-Nam Le, Postdoc

Dai-Nam has a PhD degree in physics from Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam. During his studies he has been recognized with several awards, including as a medal recipient in several physics and mathematic Olympiads in Vietnam. He also reviews for several journals in physics. He has worked on problems related to supersymmetry quantum mechanics on Dirac materials, nine-dimensional MICZ-Kepler problem, and two-dimensional atomic systems. Dr. Le was a research visitor and currently he is a Postdoctoral Researcher in our group to work on Casimir and van der Waals phenomena in novel materials.

Long Ma, PhD Student

Long Ma holds a Master's degree from University of Florida, where he worked on repulsive van de Waals interactions by obtaining experimental results and modeling them with the Lifshitz approach. He has also made conference presentations on dust mitigation and repulsive van der Waals interactions. He is currently interested in thermoelectricity. By using computational methods he aims at the design and optimization of materials for enhanced thermoelectric conversion as well as the discovery of novel physics for the understanding of transport phenomena.

Thi Xuan Diem Dang, PhD Student

Diem Dang has a Master's degree in physics from the Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City. Her prior research experience is in first principles simulations of Metal-Organic Framework materials. She joined our group in the Fall of 2021 on a Presidential Fellowship sponsored by the University of South Florida. This is a prestigious recognition for her prior success in research and potential for high impact work in her PhD studies. Diem's current interests are novel properties and phenomena in van der Waals materials.

Previous Students:


Wencong Shi, PhD

Troy Stedman, Master's and PhD, 

Artem R. Khabibullin, PhD

Nam Le, PhD

Anh D. Phan, Master's

Adrian Popescu, PhD

Jakub Pritz, Master's and PhD

Yaroslav Shtogun, PhD

Kevin Tatur, PhD

Previous Postdocs:

   Dr. Adrian Popescu

   Dr. Artem Khabibullin

   Dr. Pablo Rodriguez-Lopez

   Dr. David Drosdoff

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